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    Service Hotline
    (86) 510-8025 6945
    Recruitment Target:
    Sheet metal operator
    Number of Recruits:
    Work Place:
    Release Time:
    2016-8-23 15:01:07
    Validity Period:
    Recruitment Requirements:
    Job requirements: Mainly responsible for operating large-scale equipment such as laser machine, bending machine, etc., can understand mechanical drawings; work mentality is stable, hard work, good team spirit, good health, and experience in related equipment operation is preferred.
    Company treatment: 8 hours of normal class, 5 days of work per week, double break, work lunch, five insurance and one gold.
    Contact: Ms. Xu
    Contact number: 0510-80256942

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    You are welcome to contact us at Jiangshan Machinery through the following contact methods, We sincerely welcome you to contact us by phone or email to discuss related matters.
      Address: No. 80, Qunxing Road, Mei Village, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
      Telephone:0510 - 8025 6945
      Fax:0510 - 8025 6948
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