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    Design of chain wheel seat and working face in chip conveyor
    Publisher:admin  Time:2016-1-25 13:57:23  Click:4783

    The chip conveyor is one of the most typical cutting processing equipment, and its design must be carefully considered to achieve automatic removal of machining and cutting. The first thing to focus on is the chain wheel seat of the chip conveyor. This is a chain wheel seat that is stable in operation and difficult to accumulate. The main feature is that a corresponding wheel body is provided on the inner walls of both sides of the frame body, and on both sides. The opposite end faces of the wheel body are formed with a cam edge to form a tapered upper tapered surface.

    Through the above structural design, the chain on both sides of the chip conveying group can be spanned on the cam edges of the two fixed wheel bodies, which helps to improve the stability of the chain operation. At the same time, the use of the inclined cone surface can reduce the relative friction, further improve the smooth operation, and greatly simplify the structure, and has the effect of easy assembly and assembly, and realizes the automatic removal of the machining steel scrap.
    The working surface is a stainless steel plate, which ensures that the sealing is tight and the chips cannot enter the inside of the casing, which greatly reduces the failure rate caused by the ingress of chips.

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