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    The core and device of oil-water cyclone separation technology
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    It is well known that gravity separation can be used to achieve oil-water separation, but the traditional method severely limits its promotion due to many shortcomings. Although this separation technique recommended to everyone today is also in the category of gravity separation, it has overcome all the shortcomings and has broad prospects for development.

    This technology is the oil-water cyclone separation technology, and the equipment involved is a cyclone, which is not only compact, but also has high separation efficiency. The device is composed of a separating cone, a tail pipe, etc., and when the oil-containing water enters the cyclone under a certain pressure, the liquid flow changes from a linear motion to a high-speed rotational motion, and the cross section of the flow passage is gradually reduced after the separation cone The flow velocity gradually increases and forms a spiral flow state, thereby forming a centrifugal force field inside the cyclone.
    It is precisely because the centrifugal force of the oil phase is small, the centrifugal force of the water phase is large, and the two will coalesce in different regions, thereby realizing the separation of the oil and water phases. This oil-water separation device is widely used in industries such as oil extraction, petroleum refining, machining and ship transportation.

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