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    Cutting fluid purification process and form of sedimentation tank
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    In addition to the purification of the cutting fluid used in the process, the separation can also remove impurities in the cutting fluid. Generally in actual production, filtration and separation are usually used in combination, so that the effect will be better. In this process, the choice of equipment is diversified, and our principle is to match the actual requirements and the characteristics of the cutting fluid.

    There are four commonly used cutting fluid separation devices, namely sedimentation tanks, magnetic separators, centrifugal separators and vortex separators, some of which are well known, so today we introduce the kind of stranger that everyone is familiar with - precipitation box. Since the sedimentation tank is provided with separation baffles and partitions for separating suspended dirt and oil slick, so that the chips and solid dirt can be deposited on the bottom of the tank; and the purification liquid for precipitating and isolating the floating objects and the oil slick, It will flow over the partition and flow into the clean liquid storage section.
    This device is suitable for purifying the chips and wear debris of various cutting fluids, especially for large and large chip separation. In addition to the above-mentioned more conventional forms, there is another type of sedimentation tank with a scraper chain that scrapes fine chips and solid dirt deposited on the bottom of the tank out of the tank, and is suitable for a centralized cooling system of water-based cutting fluid. 

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