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    Oil-water separator and gas-liquid separator
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    The oil-water separator separates two liquid substances, and the gas-liquid separator needs to separate the two different shapes of gas and liquid, which is more difficult. In addition to this obvious difference, what are the differences between the two separators?

    From the working principle, the oil-water separator separates the oil and water, and the oil is automatically returned to the device, and the water is removed from another channel; and the gas-liquid separator separates the gas and the liquid to prevent the liquid substance from being hit by the gaseous substance. The problem occurred. From the type, the oil-water separator has a traditional filter oil-water separator, a centrifugal oil-water separator, etc., and the gas-liquid separator is mainly divided into a cold-heat exchange type gas-liquid separator and a low-pressure liquid storage regenerator. In addition, some manufacturers can also customize a variety of products according to customer needs and specific projects.
    At present, the most widely used oil-water separators and gas-liquid separators on the market, the moderate price, excellent product performance is its biggest advantage, but the only drawback is that it is not convenient for maintenance.

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