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    Characteristics and advantages of negative pressure filtration of cutting fluid
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    There are many uses for cutting fluids, but they are required to be filtered whenever they are used to achieve higher quality. There are also many methods for filtering the cutting fluid. Here, we recommend the negative pressure filtration method. The equipment used is a negative pressure paper belt filter.

    The negative pressure paper belt filter is a high-end filtration equipment, mainly used for the filtration of cutting fluid in metal grinding or other processing. It can also be used to remove impurities in cleaning fluid, industrial water, organic solution and other solutions. in the process of. It relies mainly on the suction of the filter pump, so that the ability of the liquid to permeate the filter cloth is increased, so that the debris is isolated and filtered.
    Compared with other filtration methods and equipment, its biggest advantage is high degree of automation, good filtration precision, and higher utilization of filter cloth. Even if the filter cloth is severely blocked during the cutting fluid filtration process, the signaling system will issue a command to drive the reducer to automatically update the filter cloth, prompting the machine to enter the next stage of the cycle, ensuring the filtration and regeneration of the cutting fluid.

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