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    Solution to the chipping problem in the chip conveyor
    Publisher:admin  Time:2016-3-14 14:15:35  Click:6441

    The chips generated in the industrial production process need to have a better method to deal with. Before the chip conveyor is not promoted, the traditional chip removal method has great problems, not only the workload is large, but also easily conflicts with other production equipment. With the development of production and the wide application of CNC machine tools, chip removal devices have emerged.

    However, there is still a problem with the chip removal device that is not well solved. That is the chipping problem, that is, the distinction between different types of chips, especially for concentrated chip removal. In this case, the chip discharge device needs to be specially arranged, so that the chips and the matching cutting fluid can be effectively separated by the division of the unit, thereby realizing the chip separation and also facilitating the centralized treatment of the cutting fluid.
    In this way, not only the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, but also the environmental pollution can be effectively reduced, and the recovery and melting rate of the iron filings can be improved, which is also of positive significance for realizing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production.

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