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    Drum filter type scraper type + high pressure water tank device
    Drum filter type scraper type + high pressure water tank device
    ●Various filters and drum filter chip conveyors are combined to make them a highly accurate cooling filter.
    ●Combine the high voltage who wants the device into one.
    ●Multiple types of cooling pumps can be configured
    ●Increase filtration capacity and extend coolant life

      W 401 .8,  601 .8,  801 .8     c   2500 or more
       h   280 or more     a     W-106.4 or less
      H     460 or more     b   200 or more
      W+500 or more     e
    Set up as per the capacity of
     the high pressure pump
      2000 or more     f
    Set up as per the capacity of the
     high pressure pump

    Size of each part
    Geared Motor 0.2KW 4P AC 220V/380V
    Chain   C2062H Pitch 38.1mm
    Conveying Rate   1.3m/min
    Conveying Capacity W=601.8 0.06m3/h
    Safety Device rorque limiter+approaching switch
    Scrap Requirements Little non-magnetic scrap (less than 50mm)
    Filter Screen  80 mesh (50um)
    Precision Filtration  20um(high pressure part)
     Optional Device
    0.05MPa or more
    W=401 .8
    0.05MPa or more
    W=601 .8
    0.05MPa or more
    W=801 .8
    Optional Device Electric control box,coolant pump,nilometer,oil-water separator

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