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    JSG scraper series chip conveyor
    Uses and features:
      Scraper type chip conveyor is mainly used for cutting conveyors in machining centers, special machine tools and automatic lines, and is suitable for the transportation of fine chips.It has the characteristics of few parts and easy maintenance.
      According to the chain pitch, there are three commonly used specifications: 50 (pitch 31.75), 60 (pitch 38.1) and 80 (pitch 50.8).
    Magnetic scraper chip conveyor
    Use and characteristics:
      The chip discharge machine is a variation type of the scraper chip conveyor, and is mainly applied to the transportation of cast iron and iron fine chips, and is used together with the water tank to have the effects of purification and filtration;
      Depending on the chain pitch, there are three commonly used specifications: Type 50 (pitch 31.75), Type 60 (pitch 38.1), and Type 80 (pitch 50.8).
    A、50 scraper
    Performance characteristics and uses:
      It is suitable for fine chips of iron and cast iron (30mm), usually with a length of 10 meters; it has few components and is easy to maintain and maintain.
      It is equipped with mechanical comparison overload protection and current overload protection device; the size of each part can be designed according to different chipping machinery.
    The chip removal device is widely used in CNC machine tools, machining centers, combined machine tools, and automatic wire feeding.

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