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    Water separator
    ●Special belt to improve oil recovery
    ●Does not cause excessive recovery of coolant
    ●Dedicated to the coolant tank, not for high temperature environments
    ●Simple structure and easy maintenance
    ●The use of the anti-corrosion and heat-resistant materials makes the washing machine more effective.
    The price of oil-water separator is different according to the brand and the price of the material. There are three or four hundred, five or six hundred, seven or eight hundred, one thousand two thousand, two three thousand, and one two five, two three five. And so on.

    What is a water separator? It is a kind of machine that separates oil and water. The sewage generated by daily work and life is discharged into the rivers and lakes. It must be treated. The working principle of the oil-water separator is:
    In the first step, water enters through the gas diaphragm;
    The second step, the flow control valve enters;
    The third step, the first-stage honeycomb chamber, water rinsing, because there are many tight honeycomb-like compartments inside, the tiny particles in the water settle in the honeycomb chamber during the water flow, and the wastewater flows upward;
    The fourth step, the mesh cloth water hole;
    In the fifth step, the adsorption chamber and the extraction chamber, the water flows into the oil adsorption chamber composed of JT57 liquid filtration medium. In this process, the oil and grease are adsorbed in a large amount and extract a large amount of complex heavy metals, organic substances, TSS, BTEX, PCB and many Contaminants in the water, then the water flows in the adsorption chamber and goes up;
    In the sixth step, the second-stage honeycomb chamber, the water flows through the second-stage tight honeycomb-like compartment, three times for upward and downward flow, and the residual trace oil is collected and collected in the upper portion thereof, and the water flow enters;
    The seventh step, the clear water room, the final water is discharged from the bottom of the clear water room.

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