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Immortal India Ebook PDF Download , Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi, the Indian mythology author, is now stepping into the non-fiction section. Yes, you heard it right. Amish Tripathi, who is the bestselling author of the Shiva Trilogy and Ramachandra Series, has announced his first non-fiction book – Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish Tripathi. This latest book by Amish will hit the bookshelves in August 2017. We will tell you everything about Immortal India by Amish Tripathi ebook but before that let’s take a look at what Amish shared on his Facebook page.

Book Summary: Immortal India by Amish Tripathi (ebook)

Amish’s first non-fiction book, Immortal India, is actually a collection of  brilliant articles, mindful speeches and intelligent debates. These articles and speeches cover varied topics which Amish has a great grip. We all know the expertise of Amish Tripathi on Religion, Mythology, Tradition, History, Society, Governance, and Ethics. Immortal India by Amish Tripathi is all about these and much more.

Also, the description of the Immortal India ebook by Amish Tripathi opens with a single line that says it all.

“INDIA … A Young Country, A Timeless Civilisation explore it with India’s very own Storyteller, Amish”

Well, that’s completely interesting but more interesting is the cover of Immortal India written by Amish Tripathi. Check it out!

Immortal India Ebook Download PDF, Amish Tripathi
Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish Tripathi ;
Title Immortal India (Ebook)
Author Amish Tripathi
Pages 216
Publisher Westland
Release Date 21 Aug 2017

Why should you read Immortal India by Amish Tripathi?

India’s history and culture is incredible and Amish has just captured the right essence into the articles and speeches in Immortal India. From the rise of civilisations to their fall into dust, from invasions to wars, from culture to religions – everything is a fascinating tale in itself. And through this journey, India has become what it is today. Amish Tripathi’s new ebook Immortal India is one such journey. It’s a recommended read for anyone who wants a deep look at India and its inside story.

Immortal India by Amish Tripathi Ebook Download

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