Kindle Vs Books : Top 7 Reasons Why Kindle Is Better Than Paperbacks?

Kindle vs Books : Advantages of Kindle over Books

Time has changed and the technology is changing faster. In the battle of Kindle vs Books, a large number of Book Readers prefer to read on Kindle over the traditional PaperBack Books. In this article, we listed the top 7 Reasons Why Books lovers prefer to read on Kindle rather than Paperbacks. These reasons are definitely going to make up your mind whether to read your next on Kindle or not.

Advantages of Kindle 0ver Paperback Books

  1. One Time money Investment: This is a true fact that more books need more space and to buy more books you need to spend the money every time the book hits up in the market. But If you have Kindle, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the books. As Kindle e-books are relatively cheap and economic against the paperbacks. So Don’t waste your time and buy the All New Kindle for yourself.
  2.  Kindle Reads like a Real Book: Amazon Kindle has high resolution 330 ppi display for print quality text. Amazon Kindle has a front light installed on the front panel of the Kindle which will never make your eyes go weak in eyesight. You don’t need to charge your Kindle daily as the company claims to have the battery backup of a full week. The New Amazon Kindle is very light in weight, you can just hold it in your one hand without stress.
    Kindle vs Books: Reasons Why Kindle is Better than Books
    Reading through pages on Kindle;
  3. Ebooks are Economic: If you compare the prices of Amazon Kindle ebook and Paperback, then you will know that Ebooks are relatively cheaper in price. Look who is winning the argument of Kindle vs Books.
  4. Kindle Unlimited Books Plan: Yes, you heard it right, the one big reason of readers interest towards Amazon Kindle is because of the legit plans. All you need to do is to signup and get the access of the unlimited database of free Kindle ebooks.
  5. Travel Anywhere with Books: Amazon Kindle is a craze among the travelers. Travel anywhere, either a short distance or long distance, all you need to carry is your light weighted Kindle and read on your long beautiful journeys.
  6. Personalize your Amazon Kindle: Reading is an addiction and when it comes to the addiction, the limit is infinity for the readers. Amazon Kindle provides the customization of the Kindle Devices to the readers. The Customizations such as Slim Form-fitting covers which come in different colors for the exact size.
  7. Read in Any Language: This is the one benefit of Kindle e-books that you haven’t find in Paperbacks making it a clear winner at Kindle vs Books. It is the multiple language options, you can read e-books in any language on a Kindle e-reader which you cannot in your Paperback that you have just bought.


Now that you have read all the advantages of a Kindle, it is now up to you to decide which is better Kindle or Books. You can also check out the best e-readers of 2017 to choose your Kindle device. Apart from the fact that Amazon Kindle has many advantages against Paperback Books. But Still, there is a vast majority of the Readers who Dislike Kindle e-books. For them, reading books is more than just to scan the words out of the pages instead feel the realm of every page possible.

I hope this article provides enough knowledge to you about the Advantages of Amazon Kindle against Paperback books.

Do you own an Amazon Kindle? If Yes, then please feel free to share your thoughts.

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