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Latest Read: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King

Looking for your next read? Here’s the latest book by Stephen King you can read online – Sleeping Beauties. Yes, Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King which releases this September is going to be your next favorite book.

The book is being released in all the formats, that means you can read Sleeping Beauties online on Kindle and other e-reading devices.

Another interesting thing to know about this book is that Stephen King has written Sleeping Beauties along with his son Owen King. The father-son duo has come together for the first time and all set to thrill the readers once again. Isn’t that awesome.

Let’s have a look what Sleeping Beauties has to offer to the readers.

Summary: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King

Title Sleeping Beauties 
Author Stephen King
Pages 720
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton

Stephen King’s Sleeping Beauties Release Date – 26 September 2017

Stephen presents before the readers how the world would be without women that is a pretty interesting concept. The story of Sleeping Beauties is set in a small Appalachian town having a women’s prison. Not everything is as simple as it sounds (because this is a Stephen King novel) as the ladies in the prison go into weird sleep.

During nights, these women get shrouded into a cocoon-like gauze and if they get disturbed, they turn dreadfully fierce. Somehow, Evie becomes immune to this weird disease and escapes while all other women are transported to some other world in sleep.

The world is left with only men and to get the women back, Evie is the key. Two groups of men, having different motives, are on the quest to find Evie. Will they succeed?

Sleeping Beauties is such an absolute page-turner having a more than average length of 720 pages.

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King Ebook Download

Interesting Fact

The first hardback print of Sleeping Beauties will have FOUR secret hidden-on-the-board covers featuring enchanting foiled illustrations. The one you receive will be random, but all are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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Sleeping Beauties stephen king pdf download
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The book has already become so popular that the readers are already searching for Sleeping Beauties Stephen king pdf and even they are looking for Sleeping Beauties read online because waiting for a new Stephen King book is really very hard. But it is not good to download Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and even other books too.

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