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The Boy Who Loved Ebook Download, Durjoy datta

It’s a good news for the book lovers! Durjoy Datta’s new book “The Boy Who Loved” has already hit the bookstores and categorized as ‘Best-Seller’. The downloadable ebook version of The Boy who Loved by Durjoy Datta is already available on Amazon for purchase.

Book Summary: The Boy Who Loved ebook

The Boy Who Love ebook Download, Durjoy Datta
The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta;

The Book is based on the theme of love. The main character of the story is Raghu & Brahmi. There is nothing much to eye for in Raghu’s life. He is just a normal kid, born and brought up in the middle-class family, an elderly brother he looks up to and has future plans to study in IIT.

Raghu’s only fear about his past always makes him worry as deep down the guilt of letting his closest friend drown in the school’s swimming pool is a fearful reality for him. Still, he wasn’t able to recover from those horrifying memories. During the course of life, he came across a girl who was just like him by nature.

Her name was Brahmi. After making a lot of efforts to stay away from her, he finally begins to care for her more. Then life throws him into the deep end and he has to face his worst fears.

The main suspense of the story of The Boy Who Loved ebook is the question, which is ‘Will love be strong enough to pull him out?


Durjoy Datta‘s The Boy Who Loved, first of a two-part romance, is warm and dark, edgy and quirky, wonderfully realistic and dangerously unreal.

The Boy Who Loved Ebook Download

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  1. I already ordered the book, but I am kind of boring reading through the love stories by Indian Writers and The Boy Who loved is again a love story

    • In that case:
      1. Try Indian authors on other genres.
      2. Try foreign writers in Romance genres.
      3. Try foreign writers in other genres.

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