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Latest Ebook: What Happened by Hilary Clinton

Hilary Rodham Clinton, who ran against Donald Trump in the President Election 2016, has announced her book about what happened during one of the most controversial elections of American history. The title of Hilary Clinton’s book is ‘What Happened‘. This ebook is Hillary’s most personal memoir till date. Here’s what she shared on her official facebook page.

For the first time after loosing the elections to Trump, Hillary Clinton is coming up with a tell-all tale on what she was thinking and feeling during the unpredictable presidential election. In the ebook What Happened, Hillary Clinton shares her intense personal experiences as she became the first woman to be nominated for President. And how was it to fight an election that was constrained in rage, sexism, highs and lows, full of twists and interference and against a person who almost broke all the rules to become the President.

What Happened by Hillary Clinton is a 512-page book which will be released on 12 Sep 2017 but the pre-orders have started on Amazon. Apart from the hardcover and paperback edition, ebook of What Happened by Hillary Clinton is also available. Check out the final cover and details of What Happened ebook provided below.

What Happened eBook download, Hillary Clinton
What Happened by Hillary Clinton ;
Title What Happened (Ebook)
Author Hillary Clinton
Pages 512
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date 12 Sep 2017
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Why should you read Hillary Clinton’s What Happened ebook?

If you want to know the inside story of the historic election of 2016 told by the loosing contestant, Hillary Clinton herself, then What Happened ebook is something that you have to read. Through this book, Hillary Clinton has also made revelations about how a number of dangerous international forces decided the outcome of the elections.

Hillary’s book What Happened tells Americans that they need to understand how to protect our values and our democracy in the future.

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  1. I have already pre-order the book and by the look of the review, it seems a must read.I am waiting for my pdf copy of What Happened from Amazon on my Kindle.

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